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Ali 32 in 1 Galaxy Planetarium Projector Starry Sky Night Light with Bluetooth Music Star Projector LED Lamp for Kids Bedroom Decor

Ali 32 in 1 Galaxy Planetarium Projector Starry Sky Night Light with Bluetooth Music Star Projector LED Lamp for Kids Bedroom Decor

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Please Noted:

Difference between 32 in 1 projector and 7 in 1 /6 in 1 projector.

1.32 in 1 is USB Rechargeable,7 in 1/6 in 1 is USB Plug in

2.32 in 1 came with remote and timer function,7 in 1/6 in 1 with timer function

3.32 in 1 with 32 kinds of effects,but photo can't moving.7 in 1/6 in 1 with 7 or 6 effects, the photo can moving

4.32 in 1 with bluetooth or music speaker,7 in 1/6 in 1 without bluetooth or music speaker.

5.32 in 1 no atmosphere star light,no 3 colors light.7 in 1/6 in 1 with atmosphere star light,with 3 colors light(yellow,blue,white)

Also, the 7 in 1 or 6 in 1 have bluetooth music model on other product link, if you need it,please contact customer service to order!
Product parameters:

Product name: 32 in 1 /7 in 1 /6 in 1 Planetarium Projector Kids Night Lights

Bluetooth model: WH-E18

Product size: 14.5x14x7cm

Battery capacity: 1800mAh

Input current: 5V 1A

Power: 5W

Product function instructions:

1. Instructions for use of buttons

Switch button: short press to turn on or off the power, the product is turned on, the default manual projection mode. The product is turned off, and all modes are turned off (please note: in the projection state, if there is no operation on the projection lamp within 90 minutes, it will automatically shut down to protect the life of the lamp)

2. Music/Bluetooth switch button

Short press to switch between music and Bluetooth modes

Short press for the first time to enter music mode and play the first built-in music (single loop)

Short press for the second time to enter the Bluetooth mode, Bluetooth is turned on and there is a corresponding prompt tone (the mobile phone turns on the Bluetooth, find the Bluetooth name "WH-E18" to connect, and there is a prompt tone when the connection is successful)

Short press for the third time, switch to music mode again, and continue to play the built-in music played last time, short press for the fourth time, switch to Bluetooth mode again, and so on.

3. Next song:

Short press to switch to the next song

4. Next page:

Short press to switch to the next projection screen, long press to turn on/off the projection automatic switching mode, and automatically switch to the next projection screen every five minutes after turning on, and the current screen is fixed to be projected when off. (on lamp flashes once, off lamp flashes twice)


Please fully charge the lamp before using it for the first time

Please use an adapter certified by CCC with an output of 5V 1A, which can also be connected to a power bank, or a computer or tablet USB interface

Charging time depends on charging device

Charging indicator: the charging power indicator light is red, and the indicator light is green when fully charged

come with 1 USB cable

power supply:DC/5V

Maximum power: 4W

Product size: 121x120x112mm

Product net weight:580G

Battery:1800mah(For 32 in 1 projector )

Star light projector for bedroom comes with 6 content disc

1.The Milkyway restores the real vast starry sky

2.Star vortex shows mysterious time and space shuttle;

3.The Colorful aurora

4-Mysterious universe planet space.

5-quiet crescent & cloud

6-Dreamy forest fawn.


1. Avoid squeezing the product with heavy objects

2. Clean the surface of the product with a soft cotton cloth, do not use corrosive solutions

to clean

3. avoid placing the product near heat sources, such as air conditioning vents, heating vents,

etc., avoid placing in humidifiers and other locations where humidity changes dramatically,

avoid placing in the location of direct sunlight

4. the light source in this lamp should be replaced by the manufacturer or its service agent or similarly qualified person

5. can only be used indoors

6. the supplied USB cable is for this product only,do not use for other products

Galaxy projector comes with high-precision content carrier, ultra-wide-angle lens and advanced wave plate technology; The star projector simulating the movement of celestial bodies, presenting a shocking real starry sky scene, giving you an immersive experience for the long-lost night starry sky, resemble the family planetarium

Perfect Gift: The starry galaxy light projector is suitable for festival and party atmosphere creation, car roof decoration, children sleeping, parent-child fun learning, and sleep aid. It will create a wonderful romantic atmosphere for your birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, children's day,Christmas, room decoration. star projector can also help children develop a good sleeping habit, stimulate their curiosity, imagination,and creativity.

Package Includes:

1 x 32 in 1 /6 in 1 /7 in 1 Planetarium Galaxy Projector Kids Night Lights

1xRemote Control(With 1800mAh battery,for 32 in 1 projector only)

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

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