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Ali Face & Body Tools Professional Home HiFu Machine Face Lifting Tightening Anti-aging Neck Lifting Wrinkles Removal Facial Care Spa Beauty Devices

Ali Face & Body Tools Professional Home HiFu Machine Face Lifting Tightening Anti-aging Neck Lifting Wrinkles Removal Facial Care Spa Beauty Devices

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Professional Home HiFu Machine Face Lifting Tightening Anti-aging Neck Lifting Wrinkles Removal Facial Care Spa Beauty Devices

Fade the traces of ages and bloom as beautiful as promised


For detailed information of Model H-025, please click the following picture:


1. It's very important to remember to add water before you use it.

3. Universal voltage , you could add any adapter to use such as EU, US, AU, UK.
about the plug, just remark the plug you need when you place order. otherwise we will send the product with plug according to your country standard.

Working Theory

Through high-energy ultrasound deep into the fascia layer, the temperature of the bottom of the skin reaches 65 to 70 degrees, stimulating the recombination and regeneration of collagen, to enhance the effect of anti-wrinkle and anti-aging thermoplastic principle: high-energy fat-soluble ultrasound, non-invasive, deep subcutaneous 13mm for treatment, interference with subcutaneous adipocytes, permanent destruction of heat adipocytes to reduce fat At the same time, it stimulates the contraction and thickening of collagen to achieve the effect of weight loss.


Hello skin achieves three depths with one probe and there is no consumable restriction, so it is not necessary to replace the probe.

Course of Treatment

Three times before the first use of the recommendation, once every two weeks.
The latter three times are operated once a month and six times are a course of treatment.
After a course of treatment, if the desired effect is achieved, it can be consolidated once or twice every six months or a year.
If it fails to achieve a satisfactory expected result, it is better to operate three times at intervals of two or three months.

Portable Hello Skin

The Ulthera system is currently the world'sfirst instrument by non-invasive method forthe treatmient of SMAS layer, is a non surgeryoperation,Tammy SMAS fascia


oasolabial folds--disturbing face ptosis

big eye bag,flabby skin

forehead wrinkles,wrinkles around mouth

most possible area
to reveal age

the skin loses its lusterand elasticity

different skin color dim & rough

One Cartridge with 3 depths

Product overview

Welcome to use Hello skinbeauty instrument, it has the effect of face lifting, firmingand delaying aging which isthe first choice for modernwomen to be ignored byyears!

Technical principle

- lmprove the epidermis of skin
HELLO SKIN puts energy into the firming depths of skin duringoperation,energy releases heat from the inside and outside,accelerating the blood circulation and metabolism of the epidermis,-to improve the problems of skin appearing black, yellow and so on.

- Accelerate collagen regeneration
The energy point acts onthe skin and acceleratesthe regeneration of thecollagen cells so as toreshape the fresh, tenderand white skin.
- Reshape the supporting force for Smas
Under the effect of energy,Smas layer continuouslyproduces new fascia cells,which makes the fascialayer rejuvenated

Instrumental advantages

1. New technique
HELLO SKIN is a new technology productdeveloped by Japan in accordance withAmerican technology.
2. Free consumable material
HELLO SKIN applies a new generation offocusing chips from the United States, itcan be used until the product out of order,without changing the operating head.
3. one probe achieves three depths
HELLO SKIN uses new technology, oneprobe achieved three depths.
4. Safe and non-invasive, without recovery period
Hello skin with safe operation and norecovery period, you can go to work orshopping after operation.

lnstrument parameter

Product name:Hello Skin
Packing:carton packing
Packing size:310*210*125mm
Operating head: one
Running rate:55W
Product size:230*105*98mm
Applicable voltage:AC90-240V

Product Details

Operation procedure

1. Clean operating positions
2. After the power on, press the button in the middle of the host (see theFigure).
3. After starting,adjust the depth and energyof the probe at the top of the handle,coated with medium to operate,(asshown) , adjusting the energy from
lowest level at the beginning. The energyis 0O--9J.There is a round knob at the topof the handle to adjust the dotting depth.The maximum depth is 4.5mm.
4. Smearing medium in the operatingparts and above the probe, theprobe should be close to the skin inthe operation process,with themedium absorbed by the skin, it isnecessary to immediately
complement the medium.
5. Operation time can be determined according to the facial conditions,and the average facial operation time is 30-45 minutes.
6. After the operation, clean the face and operating probe.

Operation method

(1) The probe starts from the upper clavicle and israised upwards along the neck to the lower jaw,and from the chin position to the root of the ear,near the lymph nodes, which is set by the
individual. Remember not to operate on theAdams apple.

(2) The probe is close to the skin from the lowerjaw and slowly moves to the zygomatic region.Raising it from the nose to the position near thelower point of the arc of the apple muscle, nearthe temple. Set according to personal

(3 ) prohibite operating on eye socket)Probefrom fixed eye angles position slowly pullingupnear to temple, and then from the eyelid to thenear the hairline position, except operating onupper evelid.

(4) Probe from the brow to slowly pull near to thehairline, from near the eyebrow to the hairline,eyebrow tail to the hairline, horizontal operationfrom ophryon to the temple, moving from themiddle part of your forehead to temple. Not tooperate on eyebrows.


*** After the operation, cleaning face and immediately use compress mask or moisturizing mask, taking tinten minutes,replenishing water in time when moisture on the facial mask is dry.

*** if you need to operate on other parts of body, please consult the professionals.


Strengthen moisturizing and sunscreen after operation
1. lt is recommended to apply moisturizing mask at least 3-4 times a week, and drink not less than 2000cc(eight glasses of water) a day.
2. Eating light food, fruits and vegetables and with no spicy , do not smoke, drink or stay up late.
3. No shaking the probe as operating head contains super conducting liquid.
4. Always keep the operating area in a moist environment during the operation,and keeping the probe
close to the skin.
5. Energy must be adjusted slowly from little to large, with best intensity for yourself, do not directly open tothe maximum energy to operate, which may damage the skin (scald).

Using taboo

Use this instrument carefully for any of the following symptoms.Consult a doctor ora professional before use.As detailed below:
1. Before using the instrument, you should clean the skin of the operation parts so as to prevent dirt from
entering the skin with the ultrasonic or prevent the penetration of the ultrasonic.Please take off all themetal objects on your body before operation so as to avoid unexpected condition and affect the curativeeffect.
2. The medium is supposed to have a certain viscosity, which is conducive to better integration of
ultrasound and the skin, to prevent the gap caused by reflection and adverse absorption of soundenergy.
3. Operation time of each part is recommended for 30-45 minutes,depending on the size of the operation
site and to choose the appropriate time.
4. Pregnant,lactation and planned pregnant women are not recommended to use.
5. Don't operate on the orbital parts and Adam's apple when using the instrument ,as well as to avoid the
wound area.
6. The product is not recommended for patients with malignant tumors, hemophilia or severe bleeding.
7. Patients who suffer from critical diseases, skin diseases and infectious diseases are supposed to carefully
use the product.
8. Patients who suffer from serious diseases, heart disease, diabetes, psychiatric diseases and so on are
supposed not to use this product.
9. Sites with vuInus, large-scale of the acne or pustule are not recommended for immediately use.
10. Hello skin can be used after 30 for those who injected hyaluronic acid, water needle etc.
11. Taking protective measures to protect your skin after use Hello skin.
12. Women are not allowed to operate this product during physiological periods.
13. The operation shall be avoided the parts which is made of prosthesis(metal prosthesis).
14. Person whose skin is allergic is recommended to use this product one week after allergy ends.

Instrument maintenance

1. Please clean it with water and keep it well every time after using it.
2. The equipment must be used plug with a foot and make sure that the instrument outlet is grounded.
3. To ensure that the equipment voltage is adaptive, and if the local power supply voltage is unstable, we
recommend that users increase the power matching of the stabilized power supply.
4. For the purpose of operation and guarantee the normal service life of the equipment, please use the
fittings supplied or recommended by the original manufacturer.
5. The equipment shall not be placed damp place or near the water source, nor be exposed directly to the
place where the sun is shining.
6. Do not approach the equipment to a strong heat source, as it may affect the life and normal use.
7. Please pay attention to the skin where you need a certain degree of moisture, wiped with aquatic
products or water to achieve the desired effect.products or water to achieve the desired effect.
8. Water, oil and other medium shall not penetrate into the equipment, and it can not be struck, beaten
and thrown so as to avoid damage to the equipment. and thrown so as to avoid damage to the
9. Please switch off the power and clean the probe in time.
10. The warranty of the product is one year.The manufacturer is responsible for the maintenance,replacement of parts if it is not man-made damage during warranty period (customer shall pay freightback and forth, replacement parts and maintenance costs shall be paid by manufacturer ).replacement.
11. After the end of the warranty period, the manufacturer will keep in repair for the equipment lifelong
(manufacturers only charges the cost price for replacement parts,without maintenance fees).
12. Don't clean it with anything containing alcohol.


Question 1: How many times is a course of treatment?
Answer: According to the aging degree of the face, it is recommended that previous two times can be operated once in two weeks, and the latter can be operated once a month or two months, which has achieved the desired effect and suggest 5-6 times as a course of treatment. According to the individual skin aging to set the number of courses to operate.
Question 2: What should we pay attention to after we finish it?
Answer: Drink plenty of fluids, it is best to apply a mask of pure water at the same time drinking not less than eight glasses of water every day, do a good sunscreen. Don't make up the day you use it, and you can be light makeup the next day.
Question 3: What effect can be achieved when done?
Answer: Immediately after the use of the skin will feel the obvious lift, tight, the skin will become brighter.
With the passage of time, the collagen in the deep layer of skin gradually regenerates, and the elasticity of the fascia layer recovers, making the cortex become thicker and more elastic, and the original wrinkles fade or even disappear.
Question 4: How long can one use last?
Answer: After 5 or 6 times (once every 15 days), good maintenance can be maintained for one year and poor maintenance can only last for two to three months. Mainly depends on the individual mood and living environment.
Question 5: How many days is the course of five to six times?
Answer: 15 days operation once, physiological period can not be operated.
Question 6: What are your advantages over other anti-aging instruments?
Answer: A. Hello skin and vertical ultrasonic knife is exactly the same function, the same operation, but the power is a little smaller than the vertical.
B. No consumables, no need to replace the operating head, as long as the instrument is not damaged can always be used;
C. One shot can hit 22 energy points on the acrylic board
D. Easy to operate, safe
Question 7: Can we operated it by myself?
Answer: Hello skin is for personal use in the home only 1:1 vertical ultrasonic knife developed, very suitable for personal home use
Questions 8: What's the difference between it and the ultrasound knife in the beauty salon?
Answer: Hello skin and beauty salon ultrasonic knife is exactly the same, the only difference is that hello skin is the latest technology, do not need to replace the probe without consumables

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