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Ali FF Flashfish UA550 Portable Power Station 550Wh Solar Generator 600W Battery 148800mAh Type-C 45W DC 120W for Home Outdoor

Ali FF Flashfish UA550 Portable Power Station 550Wh Solar Generator 600W Battery 148800mAh Type-C 45W DC 120W for Home Outdoor

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GAS Generator VS Solar Generator

Generators are a must-have if you want to be prepared for unforeseeable events.However, your typical gasoline generator comes with a lot of shortcomings

230V Pure Sine Wave

Pure Sine Wave Power Station is equivalent

to household AC, with the highest efficiency,

the strongest stability, and the best security. Total AC Continuous Output Power 600W

(Total Peak Output 1000W:Only lasts about 30 seconds)USB output - Total 102W Max

USB Output

1 * USB QC3.0

(5v3A/9v2A/12v1.5A 18W Max)

2 * USB-A

(5V/2.4A,12W Max,Total 24W Max)

PD Type-C Output

60W Max

Regulating DC 12V output (voltage stabilization technology)

Leading on Voltage Stabilizing technology, This is another way in which the FF Flashfish Portable Power Generator takes good care of your appliances, and free worry aboutcharging in car. While other generators have 9-16.8V outputs that will potentially impair the performance of your appliances, the FF Flashfish has a regulated DC 12v Output thatkeeps your appliances charging safely and smoothly.

Also with this technology, you can fully charge the FF Flashfish product in your car, asothers usually require 12.6-16.8V voltage to be fully charged, usually they can't fullycharge in a car.DC Output - Total 120W Max

DC5521(x2)/Cigarette Lighter(x1)

12V/10A(120W Max)4PCS Input Port

About DC Input(5.5*2.1mm port)

Three charging methods(Charging time)

1.Adapter (Package included)

DC 22V/5A,110W

(Port 1/3/4:Approx 6h)

2.Car Charger (Package included)

through 12V Car, 96W

Port 1/2/3/4:Approx 7h

(Port 1: Please turn on UA550 and start your 12V car before charging)

3.Solar Panel (Package not included)

18V-24V;100W~400W Solar Panel recommend

(Port 1 200W + Port 3/4 200W = 400W Solar Panel: Approx 2.5h)

# Port 1 input: 120W Max

Port 2+3+4 input: 120W Max

The total input(1+2+3+4) is 240W Max. #MPPT(Maximum power point tracking)

Your FF Flashfish Portable Power Generator is equipped with MPPT which translates intoSolar Quick Charging technology. The device's pre-installed solar charging optimizations module delivers a maximum charging efficiency-30% faster than atraditional power station.

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

The FF Flashfish Power Generator works smoothly when recharging (with simultaneousinput and output) to be used indoors and outdoors perfectly. 5W/450LM LED Lighting

The FF Flashfish's elegant LED light is powerful enough to illuminate a camping site oryour home when there's a power outage. You won't need any external light bulb, asright now you can get not only a LED light for less than 1W from others but also anilluminating and elegant LED lighting effect.The LED screen clearly displays All the parameters


Another feature with which the FF Flashfish Portable Solar-Powered Generator shines: itsswitchable frequency (50/60hz) technology and Japanese-friendly set up that makeit the first power station with switchable frequency system in the world.The details of ingenuityBattery Management System (BMS)

As you can imagine, the battery is the heart of a device as special as the FF Flashfish,which is why we designed it with a battery management system (BMS).In anutshell, the BMS improves the battery utilization and performance, it extends thebattery service life, and make sure the safety is the priority.Intelligent Temperature Control & Heat Dissipation

The Gofort Portable Power Generator features an lntelligent Temperature ControlSystem which automatically turns the device off once it detects overheating. Thisway, it prevents issues related to excess heating that could cause damages to thegenerator.

That is also why the Gofort is designed to work with perfect heat dissipation,including a radiator and silent fan on the rear, and an aluminum shell, which arebuilt with heat dissipation materials that far outperform the plastic that is typicallyused in similar devices.Quality Certification

You'll also like to know that the FF Flashfish Portable Solar-Powered Generator holds CERohs, FCC, PSE,MSDS,and UN38.3 certifications. FAQ:

Q1: What devices can use FF Flashfish UA550?

Rated power: The maximum output power that a mechanical device can achieve.
Peak power: The maximum power that can be achieved in a short period of time, usually only for about 30 seconds.

AC Output - Total Rated Power 600W Peak Power 1000W

1. Only electrical appliances with a
total rated power of less than 600w can be started (such as TVs, stereos, laptops)
2. It can only be started when the
total starting power is less than 1000w.
Appliances with motors need to take into account peak power (instantaneous power at start-up).
Such as refrigerators, soybean milk machines, air pumps, vacuum cleaners, printers, etc. Their peak power is generally "rated power *3 or *5". (for reference only; actual peak power: please refer to the equipment manual, or consult the equipment seller)

USB Output - Total 102W Max
USB Output:

1 X USB QC3.0 18W Max(5v3A/9v2A/12v1.5A);

2 X USB-A 12W Max(5V/2.4A),Total 24W Max

PD Type-C Output: 60W

DC Output - Total 120W Max

DC5521(x2)/Cigarette Lighter(x1): 12V/10A(120W Max)

Once exceeded, the plant will be in protection mode. We need to charge it with a wall charger to reset it. (Multiple activations: full charge + full discharge)
If it exceeds the protection threshold too much, it may burn the fuse, and then burn the machine. It is recommended that you confirm the rated power and starting power of the device before plugging it in.

Q2: How to calculate the working time for your devices?

1. AC output working time=550wh * 0.9/the power of your device
For example, assume your power of device is 100W, working time will be 550wh * 0.9/100w=4.95 hrs ( rough calculated )
2.DC and USB output working time=550wh * 0.95/the power of your device

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