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Ali Hair Dye Mokeru Organic Natural Fast Hair Dye Only 5 Minutes Noni Plant Essence Black Hair Color Dye Shampoo For Cover Gray White Hair

Ali Hair Dye Mokeru Organic Natural Fast Hair Dye Only 5 Minutes Noni Plant Essence Black Hair Color Dye Shampoo For Cover Gray White Hair

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Mokeru 500ML Bottle Fast Dye Only 5 Minutes Noni Plant Essence Black Hair Color Shampoo

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להזמנה ישראלית, מומלץ להזמין 2 יחידות, ניתן להשתמש בקופון ש"ח 3, לחסוך את הכסף שלך 3 ש"ח

*Magic black hair magical in 5-7 mins
*China large professional supplier for Ginger and Noni black hair shampoo
*OEM/ODM/OBM is welcome, meet client's requriements

Mokeru Noni Fruit Black Hair Shampoo (500ml/bottle)

Make your hair into black in 5 minutes

NONI Fruit Black Hair Shampoo

Natural hrbal essence Noni magic black hair shampoo,professional for man and women black hair dye, cover the white fastly and safty.New coloring black hair, It’s easy to use and gives you natural black color.

Update Magic 5 minutes finish black hair color dye

Magic black hair shampoo packed with 500ml plastic bottle ,easy for daily family using.Develop the traditional technology of natural black hair color dye

Product Name
Mokeru Noni fruit black hair shampoo
500ml/bottle or Customized Size
MOKERU and OEM with your brand
Men and Women White Hair Dye Black, 100% Grey Coverage
Dye hair black,natural Black Hair in Just 5-7 Minutes


Before doing the hair dye , Please MUST do the skin test first. if no problem , before start the hair dye , please make sure the hair is dry ,then put on the shampoo on hair. Massage the hair with finger, DO NOT use the nail, or will hurt the scalp.

Easy in operation, just like using normal shampoo
2.Time saving
Only one sachet can give you black hair and shining hair in 5 minutes
3.Cost saving
Compared to the expensive cost for dyeing hair in the hair salon, it is more than 10 times cheaper
4.Long lasting
Noni black hair shampoo lasts long for 6 months

Five Easy Steps give you black hair:

1.Wet your hair and wipe off the water on the hair.
2.Wear plactic gloves (provided inside) before opening Black Hair shampoo.
3.Use the Black Hair Shampoo and apply on hair.
4.Massage hair well for 5 minutes until the shampoo is evenly spread out on scalp.
5.Rinse well with water.
Tips: Use it once a week for 3 weeks for early phase, then twice every 2 weeks, once every month later to achieve better effect.

Hair Dye Shampoo Using Reminds:
1, Before doing the hair dye , please do skin test first, if no problem , then can start the hair dye.
2, Please make sure the hair is 100% Dry before hair dye. When doing the hair dye , please DO NOT add water,
after done the hair dye , then can washing the hair with clean water.
3,Note : After put the hair dye shampoo on the hair ,massage it few minute, Please DO NOT Scratch with the nail so that will
not hurt the scalp, please use the Finger massage the hair when doing hair dye.


Before doing hair dye , please do the skin test first ,

and also make sure the hair is DRY before hair dye .

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