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Ali Portable Mixer Fresh Juicer Electric Mini Portable Blender For Smoothie and Shakes Multifunction Juice Maker Machine For Kitchen

Ali Portable Mixer Fresh Juicer Electric Mini Portable Blender For Smoothie and Shakes Multifunction Juice Maker Machine For Kitchen

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Product Feature:


Portable blender extraction cup with 6 304 stainless steel blades, 150W rated motor and 7.4 rated voltage. With a high rotation rate of about 20,000 times per minute, it only takes 40 seconds to bring you fresh smoothies, protein/shakes, fresh juices, masks, baby food, etc. Please cut fruits/vegetables into small pieces for better blending results.

【USB Rechargeable and Portable】

The personal blender has a built-in high-capacity battery that can be easily charged from a computer or other USB power source. The blender can be fully charged in 3 hours, providing up to 25 cups of drinks. With a capacity of 16 ounces (about 453.6 grams), this portable blender weighs only 1.32 pounds (about 600 grams) and can fit in any bag. Easy to carry to work, travel, kitchen, gym and other occasions.

【Easy to clean】

Press the button 2 times to start the blender. If you see the button flashing and the blender does not turn on, check that the top of the bottle is tight and that the blade is not stuck. This mini blender is waterproof and very easy to clean.

【Blending Advanced Tips】

Charge the smoothie blender to full power after receiving it. Before blending, please make sure [lid is tightened] not to add too many ingredients (do not exceed the maximum line), then add some water or other buffer to the blending cup. After the blades start to spin and mix, turn the mixer over when shaking the mixing jar. Proper handling will prevent the blades from jamming and provide better mixing results.

【Safe and reliable】

The shaker and smoothie blender are made of BPA-free, eco-friendly, food-grade and non-toxic polycarbonate. Material: Only operates when the top of the bottle is tightened. High quality batteries and stainless steel blades ensure durability. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Do not use the blender while it is charging.
Do not sterilize the mixer in a microwave oven or in hot water above 50°C.
Do not wash the mixer in the dishwasher.
Do NOT submerge the base in water to prevent damage to the base components.

❤ Personal Blender for Shakes and Smoothies

❤ Suitable for smoothies,shakes and mixed drinks


Upgraded 20000rpm /min, For a more delicate texture

❤ LED Indication:

1.Fully charged: The bule light is always on.

2.Stall protection: The blue light flshes quickly for 5s

3.Smart magnet induction detects that the magnet is removed :The red and blue light flash altemately for 2s

4.Smart magnet induction detects a magnet: The red and bule lights flash alternately for 2s

5.Start when the smart magnet induction does not detect the magnet: The red and blue lights flash alternately for 2s

6.Battery low voltage protection: Blue light off, red light on for 6s

7.Normal work: The bule light on

8.Working with one grid remaining: The blue light is off,and the red light flashes slowly

9.After work for 40s: The red and blue lights flash together for 3s

❤ Shake the bottle to make the juice more delicate.Here are some tips for first time use that I hope will help you

1.First add 60% water first note that if you squeeze smoothies,the retio of ice to water is 1:1.

2.Put in the cut fruits 20%(try to keep the size of the cut fruits at 1.5*1.5 to prevent jams).

3.Trun the cup upside down or tilt to separate the fruit from the blade.

4.It is best to shake the cup left and right to make the juice better.

▪ Magetic Charging With Running Light Button

▪ 450ml Large Capacity

▪ Recessed Handle Design

▪ 6 Sharp Blade

❤ What you get ?

▪1X Portable Blender
▪1X Cup Brush
▪1X Magnetic Charging Cable
▪1X User Manual



You will get manufacture's lifetime support and 1 year warranty for product.


Please contact seller customer service and we will provide you with professional and quickly response within 24 hours if you have questions about your proudct.

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