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Ali Razor & Shavers 2023 999999 Flashes Laser Epilator Laser Hot Sell Permanent IPL Photoepilator Hair Removal Painless Electric Epilator Machine

Ali Razor & Shavers 2023 999999 Flashes Laser Epilator Laser Hot Sell Permanent IPL Photoepilator Hair Removal Painless Electric Epilator Machine

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⚠ We purchase logistics insurance for every order. We promise to deliver the products within the logistics protection period. Otherwise, we will pay for your product in full.


⚠ Our chips will go through multiple rounds of testing from manufacturing, packaging, product assembly and finished product inspection, so the Flashes of this Laser Epilator will have a deviation of about 5%. But it will be much larger than the lower limit of 990000 Flashes.


⚠The packaging and accessories of the product are displayed in the SKU. Please check the accessories of the product when placing an order.

In order to protect the product from damage during international shipping, we use double-layer shock-proof bubble bags for packaging. If you need color box packaging, please contact customer service.

⚠ Plug Standard(You can refer to what plugs your appliances use)

⚠ Principles of IPL hair removal

IPL (Intense Pulsed light. referred to as IPL) is a broad-spectrum visible light, which can penetrate deep tissues of the skin to produce photothermal and photochemical effects, which can quickly destroy the hair follicles and achieve the effect of permanent hair removal.

It has the advantages of fast speed, good effect, high safety, no side effects, painless, shrinking pores, and moisturizing the skin.

It can also rearrange and regenerate collagen fibers and elastic fibers of the skin, restore elasticity, and achieve the effect of rejuvenating the skin. It is the latest hair removal technology in the beauty industry in the world.

��Special Recommendation (1) : 2023 revolutionary -10°c freezing technology smart touch screen 999999 flashes professional laser Epilator

Through intelligent technology, each operation is made easier, saving a lot of time for product operation and learning.

In 2023, we will carry out substantial product updates in six aspects. We will use new materials, new processes, and new designs to create better user experience and value for customers.

⓵ In order to improve the intelligent and humanized use of the product, we have upgraded the touch screen control technology with the same technology as the smart phone, which makes the product use more visualized and greatly reduces the learning cost of product use.

We adopt a flat function icon design, which simplifies and condenses the functions of the product. We always focus on the core needs of customers and increase the value of the product!

⓶ In terms of structural design, we have adopted a "gun-style" structure that is more suitable for operation, which is more suitable for hand-holding and long-term work.

The "gun-type" structure can be used for work anytime, anywhere, on the sofa, on the bed or even during office hours. It can also be operated with one hand, which greatly facilitates various working environments.

⓷ The high temperature resistant quartz lamp head can be used more than 999999 flashes. It greatly improves the service life of the product and saves a lot of product cost for customers.

Using our products, there is no need to constantly replace the lamp head and other unnecessary costs.

⓸ We have increased the area of the lamp head, so as to produce a larger light area when working, and the work can be completed in a short time, thus saving a lot of working time.

Compared with the ordinary laser epilator, we have increased the light area by 30%, thus effectively improving the work efficiency.

⓹ We have added a filter device to the lamp head, which can filter most of the impurity light, and 100% of the effective light wavelength improves the safety of the product. It can be used on any part of the body.

Product safety is always our top priority in product design. We promise that our products meet the current international standards.

⓺ Five energy levels can be personalized for different body parts, different races, and different skin colors, so as to improve the efficiency of hair removal and prevent hair from growing again.

You can find the power level that works best for you with practice, and you can tell it works on any part of your body that you want to epilate.

In order to create greater value for customers, we also provide two product versions: one with -10°c freezing technology, and the other without -10°c freezing technology. Their other product functions are the same.

��Special Recommendation (2) : 2023 unique new technology: 4-in-1 wireless freezing point hair removal device, get rid of the trouble of wires, and use the hair removal device to remove hair anytime, anywhere.

1. 2000mah built-in lithium battery;
2. Extra 2 quartz lamp holders;(Red Wave Lamp Holder and Acne Removing Lamp Holder)
3. Four-in-one comprehensive hair removal;
4. Freezing point freezing technology;

⚠ Special introduction: We presented a red wave lamp head, which can produce long wavelength of 470~1300nm. So why do we need long-wavelength lamp heads? It has the following three advantages:

1. The wavelength of red is longer, and the light wave can penetrate deeper into the skin and reach the deep hair follicles, so as to remove hair more permanently.
2. Because the wavelength is in a very wide area, it can reach different parts of the skin, thereby removing hair at different positions and depths in an all-round way.
3. The energy density of the red wave is higher, and it is more powerful to directly destroy the black hair follicles, and quickly achieve the purpose of hair removal.

Our technology in 6 aspects represents the application of the latest laser epilator design, the latest manufacturing and the latest materials.

⓵ The 2000mah built-in lithium battery can liberate the trouble of cables, and use the hair removal device to remove hair anytime and anywhere. Each full charge can use 2000 flashes, which can be used for about a month. Greatly improved the experience of using the hair removal device.

The above data comes from our company's laboratory data. The specific number of times of use is related to the use time, strength and different skin materials.

⓶ The use of 4-in-1 multi-function makes the product more valuable. Skin beautification, hair removal, acne removal and skin tightening maximize the value of this laser epilator and minimize the unit cost of the product. We always create value for you!

Our products provide the following four functions:
1. Skin beautification,
2. Hair removal,
3. To remove acne
4. Tighten the skin

⓷ The unique freezing function can effectively eliminate the useless heat during work, thereby eliminating pain, and even eliminating skin redness and swelling caused by heat, providing you with the best hair removal experience in all aspects.

For those who are sensitive to pain, we strongly recommend that you use a hair removal device with a freezing function. Can greatly reduce skin sensitivity.

Note: Since the product is produced by laser light that destroys hair follicles to achieve permanent hair removal, it will still feel a little hot.

⓸ We promise that our products are unlimited flashes, which exceeds 99% of current AliExpress products. In order to ensure that our promise is realized, we will send two additional lamp holders.(Red Wave Lamp Holder and Acne Removing Lamp Holder)

Thanks to the use of new materials, we have added more reliable functions in the design, so as to create products with better experience for you.

⓹ In terms of structural design, we have adopted a "gun-style" structure that is more suitable for operation, which is more suitable for hand-holding and long-term work.

The "gun-type" structure can be used for work anytime, anywhere, on the sofa, on the bed or even during office hours. It can also be operated with one hand, which greatly facilitates various working environments.

⓺ Five heat intensities are suitable for different hair materials and different skin races, providing you with a personalized hair removal experience.

We recommend that you start with low heat and gradually increase the heat intensity once your skin has adjusted to the work of the epilator.

��Special Recommendation (3) : 2023 Newly developed unlimited flashes professional laser hair removal device, it can be reused without limit to improve the value of your product.

We are committed to using new technologies, new materials and new processes to create value for you and improve customer experience.

a). The powerful IPL pulsed light can quickly kill the hair follicle and destroy the structure of the hair follicle, so that it cannot provide the nutritious material of the hair, resulting in no longer hair production and long-term hair removal.

b). The one-piece concentrated light filter lamp head can meet the hair removal of all parts of the body, Works equally well on coarse, curly hair.

c). The 5-level energy intensity can be adjusted freely, respecting each person's skin quality difference and sensitivity, and permanently removing hair in a personalized manner.

d). Unlimited reuse to maximize the value of the product is the current trend in the research and development of laser hair removal devices, and we have done it in advance.

��Special Recommendation (4) : Hera Compact portable IPL technology professional line laser epilator

This product is portable and easy to use, and is a necessary photonic instrument for daily use at home.

The flat-type laser emitting head can be applied to all parts of the body and effectively remove unwanted hair.

High-frequency photons can penetrate deep into the hair follicles and efficiently destroy the hair follicles, thereby effectively preventing hair growth and achieving the purpose of hair removal.

999999 times of light-emitting frequency, high-reliability operation function, can be used repeatedly for a long time, saving a lot of time and money.

5 levels of different light intensities, suitable for different colors of skin and skin quality, and personalized treatment of different skin environments and needs.

We provide you with the best products and create value for you, which is our greatest vision and expectation.

�� CE\FCC\ROHS\EMC certification report of our products


1. What kind of express delivery do you send?
We will choose different couriers according to your time requirements. Of course, different time and speed are related to the cost. Therefore, you need to pay attention to your choice of courier when placing an order.

2. When are you shipping?
We have a stocking period, and this stocking period will have a certain time. When we ship, we will send you a text message at AliExpress. So please pay attention to your SMS in the AliExpress background. If you have any questions, please contact us.

3. What should I do if I want to return?
If you need to return the product due to the quality of the product or other problems, please contact us in the AliExpress background. We will confirm your situation and give you different treatment options depending on the situation. Please rest assured that we will handle any of your problems responsibly.

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