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Ali WIFI Smart LED Ceiling Light With Bluetooth Speaker Remote Control For Bedroom Living Room Kitchen Work With Alexa Google Home

Ali WIFI Smart LED Ceiling Light With Bluetooth Speaker Remote Control For Bedroom Living Room Kitchen Work With Alexa Google Home

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“Lamp + Speaker +RGB = Light + Music + Colorful= Color Music Lamp”

Light & Music are two kind of thing which are common and necessary in our daily life. now, we have put them together and maken them into one new kind of lamp - "Color Music Lamp"

Read below scenes example to show you how to use it and how it use for...


If you are used to listen to the radio everyday at breakfast to hear about news around the world,switch your smart phone bluetooth on, and connect to the lamp's speaker, it is another good experience way to hear the news .


It is a meaningful thing that preparing a meal for your family / lover / yourself .with the color music lamp,you can cook easily in the music which making your cooking more interesting.


After a busy day,back home to taking shower along with beautiful music,losting yourself in your favor song, having a break and enjoy the relax moment in a day.

/ Reading

Power on the lamp , remote control to adjust it to your right color and brightness; play your favor melody from lamp's speaker, and then start your reading in this comfortable convenience way.


Light ,color and music are three key elements for a party.By turn down the main light mode , turn on the colorful light and play a sweety music,when the color light jumping along with the rhythm of the muich,family get together and sing the birthday song for kid. how wonderful moment it is .

/Gift for kids

It is a good idea to install a color music lamp in your kid room,you can enjoy together with your kid to the nice bed story in a scene with color and melody song.It is a beginning of a sweet dream.

We have confident you will like it as well as we do .Music Lamp with lots of is a lamp ,but over a lamp


♬ 【Alexa Google Home Compatible】 Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home; Voice control to change light color and brightness are supported; Via WIFI connection, it is available to turn off the lamp even working at office, or turn on the lamp on the way home. The smart lamp brings more convenience to our life.

♬ 【Bluetooth Speaker】 With its newly designed sound system of the built-in bluetooth speaker. Music, radio and other audio signals from the speaker will be clear and strong enough. It is absolutely not just a lamp, thanks to its speaker, cooking becomes more interesting along with music.

♬ 【Warm / Cold Light】 With 4 preset main light modes (Warm light 3000k / Cold white light 6000k / Daylight 4500k / Night light 2W), easy to switch to the correct light mode for reading / cooking / dining and for the baby sleeping

♬ 【Music Color Rhythm】 There is one more mode called RGB (Red / Green / Blue) mode. Decorating your room in millions of colorful lights. Also, the color can be changed automatically along with the rhythm of the sound from the built-in speaker. Soft music and perfect light mode help set the mood for a birthday party with your kids or a sweet dinner with your lover.

♬ 【Memory】 Remember the lighting status. (For example, "yellow light 50% brightness", OFF; next time it turns on "yellow light 50% brightness"). Next time, you don't need to take the time to adjust the brightness before reading.

♬ 【Dimmable】 Dimmable and easy to use. It is available to use remote control / app control / voice control to adjust the brightness and change the color of the lamp. (It is no longer necessary to walk to the wall switch to turn off the lamp.)

♬【Remote control】 The remote control is a must-have accessory for a lamp. no matter how smart the lamp is. It is included together with the lamp (battery not included)

♬ 【Light schedule schedule】 Set the timer schedule for the light, the lamp will turn on / off automatically according to the preset schedule. For example, 6:00 am Monday through Friday; 10:00 pm from Monday to Friday;

♬ 【Fast Shipping】Cargo will be ship out from the EU warehouse which located at Germany/Spain/ UK to make sure the fast delivery shipping service and excellent shopping experience

♬ 【Warranty】1 Year warranty is applied to the whole lamp to provide free spare part or new lamp to replace when issue come out if need.

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