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Ali 250% 13x6 HD Lace Frontal Wig Straight Lace Front Wigs Human Hair For Women HD Lace Wig 13x6 Human Hair 200 Density 30 36 Inch

Ali 250% 13x6 HD Lace Frontal Wig Straight Lace Front Wigs Human Hair For Women HD Lace Wig 13x6 Human Hair 200 Density 30 36 Inch

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1.The wig is 100% high quality Brazilian human hair,gives you beautiful results that looks 100% natural.

2.Deep parting space give a natural hairline.The wig can be part any way and style like your own hair.

3.Natural color(the color is natural without processing),Silk,Smooth,Soft Touch and Tangle Free,Shedding Free,Can be Washed,Dyed,Permed,Curled,Straightened,Durable,Resuable,After Wash, It Return Same Texture.


Q1. Will it shedding and tangle?
A: Shedding: A few strands initial shedding of new hair is normal. We always suggest customer seal weft before installing and
brushing it with wide-tooth comb. Excessive shedding will cause by weft cutting or dryness. Please always seal the ends if you
cut weft for installation and keep it moisturized.
Tangle:Usually, our hair will not tangle because it is cuticle intact human hair. However, dryness, oil &dirt build-up, salt water
or not combing out daily will lead to tangle and shedding. Please follow hair care instruction and use good shampoo & conditioner to wash hair twice a week.

Q2. Can i dye it to other color and make other style?
A: Yes, our hairs are 100% human hairs can be dyed, bleached and permed. However, frequently dyed and permed will do
harm on hairs, even destroy hairs. Please do not do this frequently.

Q3. Why there is short hairs on the weft?
A:When hairs cut from donors ,it is a bundle of long hairs and no weft. A length of hairs need to be fold for sewing weft. That
is why there are short hairs by one side. Please don’t worry about this, it will not impact hair looking, and will not influence on
hair using and quality.

Q4. Is every strand of hair the same length?
A:Our hair is 100% human hair, cutting from young donors. As our own hairs, real human hair is not possible to grow the exact
same length of every single strand. That is why human hair ends are always thinner than the top. Please fully understand and
consider before placing order.

Q5. How to measure hair length?
A:All wavy/curly hair is made by heated straight hair. Please stretch it to straight from the head spin to the tail to measure correct length.

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